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Super-strong Passwords

I was thinking about password strength tonight, and began to wonder, why not use more obscure characters? Since Unicode is now ubiquitous, I'd like to start seeing password fields that allow passwords such as "πåßß∑ø®∂", which is really just me typing "password" while holding the alt/option key on the mac keyboard. While that one in particular is obviously not very secure, the odds of it being cracked are pretty low considering that most brute force algorithms only attempt a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and a few punctuation marks.

I tried changing my password on Gmail using something like this, and it's not allowed. Presumably because it can't be guaranteed that every platform I use will be able to create these characters easily, and for users that don't understand this, it could be a support nightmare. It would be nice if it were an option, though.

Interestingly, this blog doesn't show the above password correctly when displaying it in the index page summary...


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