The Empty Flask

Rebuilding the site, yet again

There hasn't been anything new posted in a very long time, and in fact, this site (previously at has been down for probably over a year by now.

It started out on Etomite, then Textpattern, and once I reached my limits of frustration with that, began converting to Wordpress, then Drupal, and as I found myself getting into the world of Ruby on Rails, made several half-hearted attempts to rebuild it using Radiant, plain old Rails, and even Sinatra, and have finally settled on Refinery CMS.

It took only a few minutes to get it up and running on Heroku, using Amazon S3 for a filesystem. The only problem so far is from importing my old posts. So, for future Refinery users who have trouble with an ArgumentError (comparison of BlogPost with Page failed) error, make sure you fill in the updated_at fields in your blog_posts table.


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