The Empty Flask


Lizard project

I finished the final composite just a few minutes ago, and uploaded a video clip. See the Lizard Project page.

Maybe I will add to it in the future, by using a better video background and fine-tuning the motion, but for now I want to move on to something...

Demo Reel

I updated the demo reel a bit, adding the lizard animation, changing the music, and a couple other things. I'll put a new one out in a few weeks with the 9/11 documentary animation and some broken down clips that really show off the composites.


A Wall of TVs

This is an early test render of a video wall for the Where the Press is Free documentary. If you follow that link, you will probably see the old version of the video wall.
Test render

These were created in Maya, using nurbs surfaces (which I hate to use) in order...

TextMate and Maya

I just finished creating a (very) simple command for an existing MEL script bundle for TextMate. It allows MEL scripts to be executed from within TextMate, reducing the need for the rather featureless built-in Script Editor.

It is available on the...

Canyon Project

I had some time today to work on an old abandoned project, "Canyon". It was originally supposed to be used for a contest, but school and/or work got in the way, and I didn't get very far.

The first part, a camera-projected texture on a 3D landscape,...